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Studio Genise

With a presence in Milan for 40 years, Studio Genise is different from other firms because of its interdisciplinary approach to resolving the various issues that can affect businesses. The firm includes professionals from a variety of disciplines: accountants, auditors, employment advisors, lawyers, business consultants and customs agents, highly qualified individuals that enable the firm to respond fully and effectively over a wide range of business issues.

Keeping abreast of the latest development in tax law and related areas is essential for any business that works with Italy, and also for its professional advisors. Smaller businesses in particular can find it difficult to assess the impact of new tax measures, and their relevance specifically to their own operations.

This site has been designed to provide the firm’s current and future clients with information on the latest developments in Italy’s tax system. Updates and newsletters are available in Italian, the latter within a passworded section of the website.

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Our Expertise

The Firm's clients are principally limited companies, and also partnerships including cooperative partnerships, associations, foundations, professional firms, and businesspeople, both domestic and foreign. The Firm is in a position to help businesses with every phase of development, from conception to winding-up.

Consulenza Tributaria Studio Commercialista Milano

Tax Advisory

Studio Genise is specialised in advising on tax matters.


Studio Genise is specialised in advising on matters of general accounting.

Consulenza Legale e Societaria Studio Commercialista Milano

Legal and Corporate Advice

Studio Genise is specialised in advising on legal and corporate matters.

Studio Commercialista Milano

Employment Advice

Studio Genise in specialised in advising on matters of employment law